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Forbes Interviews NY Times Bestselling Author Rashad Jennings

Children’s Literacy Advocate Rashad Jennings Releases Latest Book In ‘The Coin Slot Chronicles’ Series Since he was 6 years old, Rashad Jennings had a dream to play in the NFL. But getting there wasn’t going to be easy. Jennings always struggled in school and carried a 0.6 GPA into his junior year at Jefferson Forest […]


ALLENTOWN, Pa. – It was anything but a typical Friday for some students at Allentown’s Central Elementary School. That’s because it’s not every day an NFL legend stops by. Former Giants running back Rashad Jennings wowed the kids and left them with an important message. “I’m just like them, I’m really no different, and that dreams really […]

How Football Can Heal America

The following is a spread Rashad did in the latest issue of Wingman Magazine… It’s no secret that everyone has had a lot to say regarding football recently- in fact, it seems like you can’t toss a pigskin without hitting somebody out there who has a bold opinion on the sport, and so, with that topic […]

Rashad, Racing, and Relay Rewards!

Sponsored – For those of you who don’t know me on a personal level, I love to save money (I mean, who doesn’t?). Since I got into the National Football League, it has been a personal goal of mine to make sure I am planning smart with my finances. @RelayRewards offers the opportunity to do […]

Newly retired NFL RB Rashad Jennings wants to star in next…

Rashad Jennings, after eight seasons in the NFL, announced on Friday that he was officially retiring after spending the 2017 season as an unsigned free agent. He has a lot of plans, he told For The Win, some of which he began in the past few months: Foundation work, getting more politically active, spending more […]